Časopis Tanec タネッツ

Časopis Tanec タネッツ

Časopis "tanec" v japonštině o Česku.

První číslo: "About the Czech Republic" 

Anglický překlad je dostupný přez QR kód přiložený v časopise.

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Introduction text and translation by Rin Fujita:

Thank you for picking up this zine, tanec.
My name is Rin Fujita, and I am the founder of this zine. This zine (small magazine) tanec is a place for me and my team of authors to introduce what we like and what we find attractive. tanec means "dance" in Czech. When you encounter something you think is wonderful, your heart beats faster, you want to stand up and clap, or you just want to tell someone about it! I think I can describe all of these things as "dancing" in our body and in our heart, so I gave it this name. (I chose Czech because I study Czech language, and I also thought it would be nice to have the sound of tane (seeds in Japanese) in the name.)

I am launching this little magazine as a place to tell someone what I like and what is attractive to me so much that my mind and body dance and I want to dance. We hope you enjoy it.

About this issue:

The first issue is titled "About the Czech Republic" and features Czech literature, films, puppet shows, games, and more. The reason for setting up this issue was that I wanted to read a magazine that featured works from the 90s onward, after the Velvet Revolution, rather than with works from before the 80s, which are often discussed when talking about the Czech Republic in Japan. (The picture book by Daisy Mrázková on p. 36, is a translation of a work from the period of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, but all the others are from the 1990s onward.) Literary works and films were chosen for their accessibility in Japanese as much as possible. We have also included information on film festivals and puppet shows that can only be experienced locally. We hope you will get a sense of the Czech Republic today through our interviews with people who are active in the country. After reading this zine, if you would like to know more about the Czech Republic and its works from other periods, please use the list of books and places at the end of the zine. (Japanese books, sorry!) We hope you enjoy this small part of the "Czech things".

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